Property Owner’s Frequently Asked Questions & Answer about Clear Vision Realty & Associates’ Property Management Services

Is Clear Vision Realty & Associates licensed to perform property management services?
Yes, we are licensed and regulate by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation to perform real estate services such as selling, purchasing, leasing, managing, etc. in the entire state of Florida. We are also members of the National Associations of Realtors (NAR), Florida Association of Realtors (FAR) and Orlando Regional Realtor Association (ORRA).


How soon will I receive the rents once the Tenant pays?

Due to an increase of fraudulent, lost, or stolen checks and\or money orders being reported in the industry, our firm has decided to discontinue accepting checks and\or money orders. We only accept secured funds through our Quickpay service via our banking institution. Once the rental payment is securely received (depending on how soon the funds clear), we in turn are able to pay out within 3-7 business days to our property owners quickly by using the Quickpay service.

Can the property be listed For Sale with Clear Vision Realty & Associates while your firm also locates a qualified tenant for the property?
Yes, Clear Vision Realty & Associates can list the property for sale and for rent simultaneously. Once we have located a qualified tenant for the property, the home will no longer be marketed for sale.
Please keep in mind that finding a tenant that is willing to have their privacy invaded due to the property being shown on a regular basis will nine times out of ten not be a quality tenant.  We’ve had cases where a property owner wanted to continue to sell the property and the Tenants weren’t cooperative and/or didn’t make the home show well or didn’t speak in the best interest of the Owner and thus caused the Owner to receive negative feedback, no offers, or low balled offers.

Only in certain circumstances, if all parties involved are in agreement with the sale; we’ll continue to market the property for sale, show, and sell the property upon an acceptable offer. It is best to locate a great tenant who will allow the home to be shown well during the latter part of the lease and place the property on the market for sale.

Can your firm help with getting the property in ‘rental ready’ condition?
Yes, we’ll be happy to provide you with our our “white glove service”! We have a wide array of vendors that can assist in staging, general cleaning, repairs, and painting if needed. For a small fee, we will manage this process in order to ensure the work is performed to the highest quality in the shortest amount of time. Upon its professional completion, we will then authorize payment to the vendors from your owner(s) account. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

What types of property does Clear Vision Realty & Associates choose to rent?
Clear Vision Realty & Associates specializes in leasing privately owned properties. We lease and manage single family homes, town homes, condominiums, villas, apartment complexes, duplexes, triplexes, and quadruplexes. We do not lease out single rooms.

Do I need to pay the fee for performing a furnishing inventory if the property doesn’t have furnishings?
No not at all.

Do I need to provide the property manager with 3 front door keys, garage door remotes, gate cards, etc.?
Yes, it is imperative that we have all the necessary tools to allow the tenant access to the property and community amenities. We request property owners to provide 3 front door keys, garage door remotes, gate cards (for a community pool or a subdivision gate), mail box keys, storage closets, shed keys, and any other keys that apply at time of lease execution (unless someone is currently residing in the property and plans to vacate are at a later date.

Is it necessary for the utilities to be turned on or left on when there is no tenant?
Yes, definitely! Here are three major reasons:
   1. It is important to not allow the property not become too hot. Properties that do become warm, have a higher risk for mold build-up. Especially, during the summer months and rainy seasons combined.

   2. When the pre-move in walkthrough is performed, we need to verify that the appliances, sinks, showers, toilets, etc are all functioning properly. We want to set the right tone with the tenant by turning over the property to the tenant in a clean, move-in-ready condition. We have had home owners decide to do the latter in order to save which later caused more expense when the appliances and units weren’t functioning (ex. refrigerator and air conditioner) but “sitting still” and parts seized thus causing technicians to be hired to repair.

   3. The property will show better when lights and air is circulating through the property. Typically the property will rents faster because it shows better, thus allowing home owners to easily make up the cost of the utility.

Is there a fee charged for extraordinary repairs needed such as insurance claims, fire damage, issues prior to the property leasing, or other large repair requests, etc.)?
We do not have situations like this on a regular basis, but if there is an unforeseen situation that arises, we will charge an hourly rate for needing to handle the situation on a home owners’ behalf.

Do you get my approval before doing any maintenance work?
Yes, we contact owners on issues that will require work that will cost over $1,000.00. Here are 3 instances in which we may take action before a home owner is notified: 
1. When the safety or well-being of the tenant is a concern.
2. When there is only one viable option in consideration.
 3. In instances where the property is likely to incur damage if immediate action is not taken.

How long does an eviction typically take in Florida?
All property evictions are different. Typically an eviction in Florida takes 35-55 days. Several factors such as the tenant disputing the eviction or a delay in the court process (ex. Holiday seasons, a particular county court’s schedule) could possibly delay the eviction. Contact us with questions on how we handle evictions and / or if you need us to recommend you to a good local real estate / eviction attorney.

How much is the leasing and property management fee?
Typically the industry standards are first months rent to locate a Tenant and 10-20% of the annual rental revenue for property management. Please contact usfor a quote based on the property and the scope of services needed to be performed.

What are Clear Vision Realty & Associates’ office hours?
Clear Vision Realty & Associates is open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday and by appointment only on Saturday. We are closed on Sunday.